• Are you a SPIRITUAL COACH, STARSEED, MYSTIC, or HEALER who would love to abundantly manifest with your spiritual POWER?

  • Are you wanting a deeper SPIRITUAL CONNECTION as you've never felt before?

  • Do you want to learn the ANCIENT SECRETS of MANIFESTATION?

  • Are you ready to create your SOUL PURPOSE and be in your MAGIC?

  • Do you feel you are here to CREATE a better life for yourself?

  • Do you have GOALS but something is STOPPING YOU from achieving them?

  • Do you have to dumb down your SPIRITUAL GIFTS so you can fit into society?

  • Are you afraid to show your TRUE SELF?

  • Would you like to feel the real POWER of the TRUE SELF?

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above

Questions, I Have The Solution For You!

Spiritual Abundance Creator

Why Do You Need It ...

In case we don't know each other, I'm Ann Varney, I'm 54 years young, I was a single mum of 2 for over 20+ years. Now I live a passionate life with my soul mate in Scotland.

After my award-winning Bridal business went into bankruptcy. I decided I wanted to find the magic that is within us all and in that process I became a Spiritual Teacher/Coach and International Author.

Losing my business was tough, but it was a massive relief also! I had created someone I did not like. Coming from my individuation of 'Hiding the self from the self' (how fecked up is that!) I was living a big fat lie, for fear of being found out who I really was! I felt like the imposter every single day of my life.

Hiding the True Self, as I did not believe she was good enough to be shown to the World!

I stepped over my fear of stepping into the world as a Spiritual Teacher in 2015 , which took me down a path of travelling the world to experience intense spiritual and self-development practices.

Thinking I needed to fix myself, as society told me I was broken, and in many different genres such as Sekhem, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Breathwork, Psychology, Past Life Regression, Angelic Healing and Spiritual Life coaching. Becoming a Master in most of these healing genres!

Not only did I finally find the Magic that is within all of us, but I connected to the True Self who is not only beautiful, but sensitive and compassionate.

Let me show you the beauty of your True Self without judgement, or having to dumb yourself down as you've always done and hiding from who you truly are!

Let me take you by the hand and shine a light on your beauty and your shadow and align them both together.

I've worked with a ton of spiritual coaches, healers, mystics and the spiritually curious.

I've created a 4-week program where we meet 2 x per week to guide you away from feeling stuck, unmotivated, procrastination, discouraged or dissatisfied within your life! I keep you focused daily, to become the Magician in your life where you no longer need to fix yourself because you really are not broken. (The self-development arena has got it all wrong!) Let's get you feeling so much more energised and inspired to create the abundant life you desire!

We will go through the program together with lots of encouragement and spiritual support from your spiritual guides and other dimensional beings with safety and protection.

No fluff, no messing around, just a powerful simple plan to achieve your personal goals.


  • Deep connection to your spiritual team and True Self

  • Realigning the 12 main energy centres of the energetic field and body

  • Energetic vibrational change at a cellular level

  • Intuitive goals that will come from the True Self and not the Ego

  • Soul Contracts will be embedded within the True Self

  • Working with the Shadow at a spectators level to see the shit you are creating

  • Akashic Records help you to strengthen your soul contract

  • Sit with your spirit council to get guidance of what direction you need in life

  • So much more...


  • The invisible energy centre, the EVOLUTION CHAKRA will help you not only balance your auric field but allow your energy to vibrate at a high level in your manifestations

  • Crystal energy where you will use 12 different crystals to help you embed the EVOLUTION CHAKRA into your auric field

  • Starseed energy is where you will be given your true spiritual gifts from other dimensional beings and what you are here to do with those special gifts.

  • Source energy will rebalance, realign, and protect whilst these activations take place


  • You will be connected to your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors

  • You will finally get the full power of your True Self

  • Your spiritual allies will help you create abundance in all areas of your life

  • Working with Symbolism, energy and spiritual & dimensional beings


  • 3 or more spiritual guidance days where Ann connects powerfully to spirit to give you personal detailed channelled information

  • Your spiritual team will be called forward for your manifestations

  • You will have heart-centred connections with your own tribe

  • An intimate number of like-minded souls who have your back that you will be in your full power with

  • So much more...


  • I receive an abundance of feathers of all kinds from the spirit world, this round is WISDOM OF THE OWL

  • You will receive one of these feathers to use in your spiritual practice as a powerful tool

  • The energy of the feathers are from your spiritual team

  • Intuitive Message from the Angelic Realm what your specific feather is for



  • Powerful Manifestation Journal to record your daily habits

  • Crystal that has been attuned personally for your energy and True Self

  • Sage smudge stick with elemental cleansing energies

  • Intuitive Message from the Angelic Realm

Value: £100


  • You will have 1 x 60 minute energy healing that will release stuck energy

  • You will have an intuitive reading that will inspire you to take action

  • A plan will be made via your spiritual team and True Self regarding the action you need to take for a clear path to your manifestations

  • You will receive weekly guidance that Ann channels from spirit for you

Value: £ 1,000


  • Powerful Spiritual Community where you get to be your true self with no judgement

  • Spiritual Guidance resources booklet for each week with detailed spiritual process's you will be working with

  • No B.S. Spirituality - Live By Your Own Damn Code printed book with a powerful message that Ann channels for your creator.

Value: £1,000



My Spiritual Career...

Why You Should Create With Me?

I have dedicated my life to find the magic for the last 15 years or so. Teaching people around the globe, how to powerfully create and manifest at a spiritual level.

I have travelled the world in my quest to find the magic that lies in all of us, spending in excess of £250,000, I bring this MAGIC to you!

I have trained with 5th generation Shamans in Peru, Rinpoche's in Nepal, Native Americans in Outback in California, and Druids in Scotland.

I have also trained with Tony Robbins, William Whitecloud, Scott Jansen, Bob Proctor, Jeffrey Allan, Donna Eden, Michael Beckwith, Anodea Judith, Peggy Dylan, Dr Joe Dispenza, and so many more spiritual teachers...

I Will Give You The Tools For Success.

If You Do The Work, I will Not Let You Down!




This Is Your Last Chance!

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