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More Than A Guide

Learn how spiritually align your mind, body & spirit!

  • Self-hypnosis

How to connect via self-hypnosis and connect to your spiritual guidance.

  • Shamanic Journeying

Learn about the shamanic journey and the gifts that lie in the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds, where you get to meet your Power Animals and Spirit Guides.

  • Energy Balancing

Release any blockages that no longer serve you or the blocks you have been holding onto since a child. Deep inner child work will help you release the stagnant energy.

  • Meditation

How to connect to your energetic vibration and reset your energy to a higher vibe.

  • Connect To Your Loved Ones

Learn how to connect to your crossed over loved ones who have valuable information for you and also they will help you release any grief that no longer serves you. As you realise they are just a thought away!.

  • Grounding & Protecting

Learn the right way how to ground and protect your energy as this is very important when you are connecting to the other side.


Sarah S

I love that Ann has a wealth of information that blows your mind. Especially when you are shown your own patterning and how you are creating your own life, good and bad.


Lynette K

Ann is the most authentic spiritual teacher who actually walks the talk. She has helped guide me in the most powerful way. Always with a gentle heart that gets massive results..


Sara D

Ann is the real deal. She really can get right to the core of our patterning and helps you change it at a deep level, I've been recommending her to everyone.

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